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88 Minutes/And Justice for All (DVD, 2014, 2-Disc Set) Al Pacino

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88 MINUTES (2007, R, 107 Mins) Al Pacino stars in this riveting thriller about a forensic psychologist who received a phone call threatening that he has only 88 minutes to live. As the clock ticks away, tension mounts, suspicions rise and blood flows. with a serial killer he helped convict awaiting execution and a copycat killer on the loose, Jack Gramm has 88 minutes to solve the biggest murder of his career—his own.

AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (1979, R, 119 Mins) In a criminal justice system where criminals go free, lawyers and judges make deals as a matter of routine and the innocent sometimes go unprotected, young lawyer Arthur Kirkland begins to wonder where the justice has gone. Arthur (Al Pacino, in a brilliant 1979 Oscar Best Actor-nominated role) is an honest, idealistic lawyer who is suddenly under pressure to defend a distinguished judge (John Forsythe) accused of raping and battering a young girl – and whom Arthur knows is guilty. Jack Warden co-stars as an eccentric, cheerfully suicidal judge who thinks Arthur should play the game. When it comes down to the trial, Arthur must choose between the security of his career and his person integrity.

Format: DVD
Rating: R
Genre: Action & Adventure
Movie/TV Title: 88 Minutes/And Justice for All


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