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A Flintstone Christmas Collection


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Condition: Brand New Shipping: Free Shipping Delivery: 7-11 days Returns: 30 days Celebrate the solstice in Stone Age style with these two animated holiday classics, starring America’s favorite pre-historic family. Your first course of holiday cheer from Fred and co. Is 1977’s a Flintstone Christmas, in which Fred and Barney must save Christmas when Santa sprains his ankle. There’s one big problem, though; Fred promised Mr. Slate that he will play Santa at the Children’s holiday party. Can Fred and Barney deliver all the toys and still make it back to the party in time? And your second course is 1993’s Emmy nominated a Flintstone Family Christmas, which gives viewers a glimpse into the later life of the Rubbles and the Flintstones. Awaiting the return of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (now married with children of their own), Fred and Barney encounter a criminally inclined “caveless” youth. Fred and Wilma attempt to instill values in the boy, only to find themselves with a most unexpected Christmas gift. Title: A Flintstone Christmas Collection Format: DVD Label: Warner Archives Genre: Holiday-Christmas (Animated), TV Animation UPC: 883316381472 Release Date: 2011


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