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All About Dung History Channel (DVD manure, excrement, poop, crap

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Join host Monty Halls as he investigates the historical, medical, scientific and evolutionary importance of poop on an excremental safari guaranteed to fascinate even the most squeamish of viewers. You’ll be surprised by the amazing manner in which the world puts dung to use. Travel with Monty to Oregon, where a 14,000-year-old deposit of human dung reveals that the first people in North America may have arrived 1,300 years earlier than once thought. Go to India, where batteries are made from dung and housewarming rituals include using sacred cow dumps as good luck. Watch as Monty treads (carefully) through a 100-foot-tall mountain of bat guano teeming with insect life in Borneo. He also investigates – through the study of their hefty droppings – why woolly mammoths might have disappeared from North America. But that’s not all. This in-depth look at the history of dung showcases its many other uses. It was a major component in early explosives, is the source of the world’s most expensive coffee, can charge a cell phone, and may even help solve some energy and food concerns today. In this epic odyssey through natural and human history, our aversion to poop just might turn into an understanding of how miraculous and essential the stuff really is.

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Studio: A&E
Movie/TV Title: All About Dung
Format: DVD
Genre: Education/General Interest, Educational
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2008/06/24


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