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Arizona (DVD) Jean Arthur, William Holden Classic Western

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Arthur has the right spirit for a woman struggling to settle in the lawless frontier of 1860s Arizona. She dallies with Holden, but then gets down to business despite Indian attack and shady dealings. Academy Award Nominations: Best (Black-and-White) Interior Decoration, Best Original Score.Screen legends Jean Arthur (The Plainsman) and William Holden (The Wild Bunch) star in the epic saga of Phoebe Titus (Arthur), a whip-carrying, rifle-toting hellion who single-handedly transforms a dirt-poor army outpost into Tucson, Arizona, the pride of the American West. When Peter Muncie (Holden) moseys into Tucson, a love-struck Phoebe (Arthur) decides the handsome drifter s just the man to help run her cattle ranch, the largest in the territory. Standing in her way, however, is Jefferson Carteret (Warren William, Lady for a Day), a city slicker who not only plans to cheat Phoebe out of her business but Peter as well, by gunning him down on their wedding day. Jam-packed with thundering cattle stampedes, full-blooded Indian attacks and a cast of thousands, ARIZONA is…an enjoyable, big Western with plenty of action! The Motion Picture Guide

Item specifics

Features: Black & White
Actor: William Holden
Format: DVD
Rating: NR
Director: Wesley Ruggles
Genre: Westerns
Movie/TV Title: Arizona
Number of Discs: 1
Leading Role: William Holden
Release Date: 2005/12/06


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