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Day of the Animals (DVD, 2006) Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen

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A group of animal lovers are victims of an ironic twist of fate when mutant wildlife reign terror over them in this fantastical suspense film. These kind souls, who have convened in the woods of Northern California for a two-week camping trip, are delighted to spend time in the nature that they adore. However, the indigenous animals who greet them are no longer cute, gentle creatures; they have been turned into evil, mutated versions of themselves due to the depletion of the ozone layer. A fierce and frightening battle for survival ensues in this unique environmental horror film. Watch for an early appearance from NAKED GUN star Leslie Nielsen!

Actor: Leslie Nielsen
Format: DVD
Rating: G
Director: William Girdler
Genre: Horror, Horror/Suspense
Movie/TV Title: Day of the Animals
Number of Discs 1
Leading Role: Richard Jaeckel, Lynda Day George, Leslie Nielsen, Ruth Roman, Christopher George
Release Date: 2006/04/25


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