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Fearless Planet (Blu-ray Disc, 2008, 2-Disc Set) Sahara Desert, Grand Canyon….

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The Discovery Channel’s FEARLESS PLANET offers a close-up view of some of the world’s most spectacular sights. Some astonishing camera work and innovative CGI combines to show how certain geographic wonders, including the Grand Canyon and the Sahara Desert, were sculpted by mother nature.Join a unique team of outdoor adventurers and scientists in exploring the wonders of our planet in this visually stunning series. Prepare for an awe-inspiring experience as we rappel down the massive walls of the Grand Canyon, dive into the Great Barrier Reef, descend into the Venezuelan jungles and much more in this exciting exploration of the world’s natural marvels. Through eye-popping CGI effects, learn how time and nature conspire to create these awesome spectacles and why some of these landmarks are destined to remain while others may be lost forever.

Studio: Discovery Channel
Actor: Simon Kerr, Will Gadd
Movie/TV Title: Fearless Planet
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Rating: NR
Sub-Genre: Nature/Wildlife
Genre: Education/General Interest, Educational
Edition: 2-Disc Set





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