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Guns: The Evolution of Firearms (Blu-ray Disc, 2013) M-14, Rifle, Flintlock…

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The greatest gift of mankind over beasts is his ability to craft and use tools. From the simple stone axe to modern warfare technology the relationship between man and survival has been an ongoing battle from the beginning of time. Blast through authentic archived photos, comprehensive video footage and in-depth re-enactments as you discover the achievements and tribulations that played major roles in the shots heard round the world. From the conquering of game, power and land this 7-Part Documentary shoots through 400 years of the events and developments that shaped…he Evolution of Firearms

Studio :Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Year :2013
Region Code :Blu-ray: A (Americas, Southeast Asia…)
UPC: 0683904631701
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Sub-Genre: WORLD History/Culture, War/Military
Genre: Education/General Interest, Educational
Movie/TV Title :Guns: The Evolution of Firearms


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