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Michael Shayne Mysteries – Volume 1 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, ) Lloyd Nolan

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Catch the classic P.I. in this four-film collection featuring MICHAEL SHAYNE, PRIVATE DETECTIVE; THE MAN WHO WOULDN’T DIE; SLEEPERS WEST; and BLUE, WHITE, & PERFECT.The high batting average of 20th Century-Fox’s Michael Shayne detective series remained intact with Blue, White and Perfect. Having prevented his sweetheart Merle Garland Mary Beth Hughes from marrying a bigamous fortune-hunter Ivan Lebedeff, Mike Shayne Lloyd Nolan offers to marry the girl himself at long last! Merle agrees, but only if Mike gets out of the private-eye racket and takes an honest job. Shayne manages to land a job at an aircraft factory, only to discover that he’s been hired to protect the company’s valuable supply of industrial diamonds. When the gems are stolen during a highly suspicious break-in, Mike follows the trail of clues to a fancy dress shop managed by one Mr. Hagermann Henry Victor. Sending his fiancee off on a wild goose chase, Mike trails Hagermann to a Honolulu-bound ocean liner, where he renews an acquaintance with former lady friend Helen Shaw Helene Reynolds and is introduced to overly effusive young playboy Juan Arturo O’Hara George Reeves. Detective-movie logic dictates that at least one of these characters is inextricably linked with the elusive Hagermann-who is no mere diamond thief but a very clever German spy. All sorts of serial-like thrills await Shayne before he manages to uncover the “Mister Big” behind the stolen diamond racket and it’s a real surprise to boot! Like most of Fox’s Michael Shayne series entries, Blue White and Perfect was based not on a “Shayne” novel by Bret Halliday, but on a whodunit originally written for another fictional sleuth: In this instance, the source was a novel by Borden Chase.

Format: DVD
Rating :NR
Director: Herbert I. Leeds, Herbert I. Levy, Eugene Forde
Genre: Drama
Movie/TV Title: Michael Shayne Mysteries – Volume 1
Edition: 2-Disc Set; Dual Side
Number of Discs: 2
Leading Role: Lloyd Nolan
Release Date: 2007/03/20


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