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Mumford (DVD, 2000) BRAND NEW Loren Dean, Hope Davis RATED R

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Mumford (Dean) relocates to a small town named, ironically enough, Mumford. He sets up shop as a psychologist and begins meeting the various lonely, troubled souls in the community. Pretty soon he’s the most popular psychologist in town, for no concrete reason, other than his approach is not like that of other psychologists. He takes the time to listen to his patients, and speaks to them sincerely, enabling them to discover for themselves what their problems are. A surprisingly gentle mood piece from Kasdan that rewards viewers who don’t need a big payoff or melodramatic climax to make their moviegoing experience feel complete.

Item specifics

Actor: Loren Dean, Hope Davis
Movie/TV Title: Mumford
Edition: Mill Creek
Format: DVD
Rating: R
Director: Larry Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan
Genre: Comedy
Number of Discs: 1
Leading Role: Hope Davis, Loren Dean
Release Date: 2000/04/18


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