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Nature: Cloud – Challenge of the Stallions (DVD, 2010)

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Acclaimed wildlife filmmaker
Ginger Kathrens has been filming the life of the remarkable wild stallion, Cloud, since the day of his birth
in 1995, allowing viewers to watch as he grew from tiny foal to the powerful leader of the largest band of wild
horses in the Arrowhead mountains. Along the way, much has been learned about wild horse society and the
importance of family and loyalty in their dangerous and unpredictable world. In this chapter of his story, Cloud is one of two fathers who bring up each others sons. Bolder is Cloud’s son by birth beautiful and golden, but raised
by Shaman, a rival band stallion. Flint, dark and determined, was sired by Shaman, but became Cloud’s adopted son.
The two sons mature and progress from playful youths into valid contenders for mares and bands of their own. Will one of them rise to take Cloud’s place? This poignant
and engrossing chronicle explores the challenges presented not only by ambitious sons, but also by the
harsh mountain weather, deadly mountain lion attacks, and the changing relationships within and among bands of wild horses in the mountains.
Rating: TV-PG

Item specifics

Movie/TV Title: Nature: Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
Format: DVD
Release Year: 2010
Director: Ginger Kathrens
Genre: Special Interest-Nature
Studio: Questar


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