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Nixon (DVD, 2002, 1-Disc, Director’s Cut) R-Rated Anthony Hopkins

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Using a nonchronological narrative style � la CITIZEN KANE (from which he quotes), director Oliver Stone explores former president Richard Nixon’s strict Quaker upbringing, his nascent political strivings in law school, and his strangely self-effacing courtship of his wife, Pat (played by Joan Allen). The contradictions in his character are revealed early, in the vicious campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas and the oddly masochistic Checkers speech. His defeat at the hands of the hated and envied John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election, followed by the loss of the 1962 California gubernatorial race, seem to signal the end of his career. Yet, although wholly lacking in charisma, Nixon remains a brilliant political operator, seizing the opportunity provided by the backlash against the antiwar movementto take the presidency in 1968. It is only when safely in office, running far ahead in the polls for the 1972 presidential election, that his growing paranoia comes to full flower, triggering the Watergate scandal.Surprisingly, Stone evinces considerable compassion as he gives us a Nixon of tragic stature and nearly Shakespearean dimension in this powerfully moving film. The star-studded cast, including Ed Harris and James Woods, complements Hopkins’s extraordinary performance.

Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Features: Widescreen 2:35:1, MILL CREEK EDIT. UPC 683904528551
Actor: Anthony Hopkins
Format: DVD
Rating: R
Director: Oliver Stone
Sub-Genre: Biography
Genre: Drama
Movie/TV Title: Nixon
Edition: Director’s Cut


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