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Pinocchio / Anastasia / Call of the Wild (DVD, 2011, 2-Disc Set)

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The New Adventures of Pinocchio – 1996/Approx. Runtime 95 mins/Not Rated
Pinocchio, the magical puppet who becomes a real boy, returns in his newest and greatest adventure! Troubles begin for Pinocchio and his best friend, Lampwick, when they decide to skip school and go to a magic carnival run by the mysterious Madame Flambeu, who possesses an elixir supposed to cure any illness. Trying to buy the elixir for the ailing Geppetto (Martin Landau), Pinocchio is forced into a binding contract with the carnival& and then the dark secret of the potion is finally revealed, sending Pinocchio on an unforgettable journey!
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna – 1986/Approx. Runtime 200 mins/Not Rated
In July of 1918, the Bolsheviks shot Russian Czar Nicholas II, his wife and their five children during the Russian Revolution. So begins the epic saga of Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed until the day she died in 1984 that she was truly Grand Duchess Anastasia, the youngest child of Czar Nicholas II and sole survivor of the family’s execution. Her story became one of the greatest romantic mysteries of the twentieth century. This breathtaking adaptation of Anna’s journey is also a depiction of a lost era, from her days of Russian royalty, her flight from execution and her years of struggle to reclaim her royal heritage. Amy Irving leads a luminary cast in this spectacular drama filled with triumph, tragedy, mystery and hope.
Call of the Wild – 2000/Approx. Runtime 183 mins/Not Rated
This outdoor adventure series follows the thrilling exploits of 18-year-old Miles Challenger (Shane Meier) and his loyal canine companion Buck, who together battle nature’s toughest elements, stand up against hardened criminals and rescue people in danger. Inspired by Jack London’s classic novel, this exhilarating television series provides quality entertainment for the entire family.

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Format: DVD
Genre: Children’s & Family
Movie/TV Title: Pinocchio/Anastasia/Call of the Wild


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