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Private Resort (DVD, 2006) Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow RATED- R

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A wacky teenage sex comedy of the sort that proliferated in the mid-1980s, this farce is notable for featuring two lead actors who would go on to bigger and better things. Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp star as Ben and Jack, respectively, teen buddies who are on the sexual prowl for beautiful, wealthy girls at a posh Miami resort where they are weekend guests. Also on the prowl is The Maestro Hector Elizondo, a skilled jewel thief who evades detection by cross-dressing as a woman while he pursues the diamond necklace of society woman Amanda Rawlings Dody Goodman. When they accidentally run afoul of the Maestro, Ben and Jack suddenly have their hands full. Private Resort was the third in a series of comic teen sex romps from producer R. Ben Efraim, each of which had the word Private in the title

Format :DVD
Language :ENGLISH
Rating :NR
Actor :Johnny Depp,Rob Morrow
Sub –Genre :COMEDY
Movie/Tv title:Private Resort (DVD, 2006) Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow RATED- R
Studio :Mill Creek Entertainment
Edition : BOX SET
Released :20060627
Director :George Bowers


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