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Puppets Who Kill – The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2005)

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For audiences who like puppets but eschew those of the more saccharine variety, this Comedy Central hit provides a view into the underbelly of the puppet world. Unfolding in a halfway house for criminal puppets, the four violent, disturbed, and generally unlikable puppets who live there spend their time trying to win over their bumbling case worker, Dan Barlow, while still getting up to plenty of mischief. Most of the adventures enjoyed by Buttons, Bill, Cuddle, and Rocko result in violence and mayhem. In the second season, Bill gets depressed because Dan has disallowed any murder, while Dan and Buttons’s Ouija board-dabbling results in a demonic possession, which compels Buttons to use Dan for a virgin sacrifice. These and other wacky antics are in store with the charming PUPPETS WHO KILL.

Item specifics

Format: DVD
Rating: NR
Director: Shawn Thompson, Rob Mills
Genre: Comedy
Movie/TV Title: Puppets Who Kill – The Complete Second Season
Number of Discs: 1
Leading Role: Bob Martin, Bruce Hunter, Dan Redican
Release Date: 2005/10/25






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