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Rocket Gibraltar (DVD, 2003) Burt Lancaster, Macaulay Culkin BRAND NEW

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In director Daniel Petrie’s ROCKET GIBRALTAR, the affluent and somewhat eccentric Rockwell clan gets together in honor of Levi (Burt Lancaster), the family’s patriarch, on his 77th birthday. Reunited on the shores of Levi’s idyllic Saggaponack home, his children and their large brood of grandchildren prepare themselves for a festive celebration. While Levi spends his time leisurely reminiscing about family traditions, his adult children pursue various obsessions such as sex, baseball, and movie production. Costars include Kevin Spacey (in an early screen appearance), Bill Pullman, John Glover, Patricia Clarkson, Suzy Amis, Sinéad Cusack, and Frances Conroy as Levi’s various children and their spouses, a wild crew of neurotic and self-obsessed yuppies eager to please the sentimental Rockwell patriarch. As the large family spends the weekend together, they revel in past joys and memories of their youth and prepare for the big event while engaging in ever-present sibling rivalry and marital squabbles. But as a surprise, Levi’s grandchildren (including a very young Macaulay Culkin in his film debut) have come up with a rather moving and unorthodox present to honor Levi’s most cherished wish in a touching and insightful finale to this quiet family drama that relishes the youthful exuberance and imaginative creativity of childhood.


Format :DVD
Language :ENGLISH
Rating :G
Actor :Macaulay Culkin, Burt Lancaster
Genre :DRAMA
Sub –Genre :DRAMA
Movie/Tv title:Rocket Gibraltar (DVD, 2003) Burt Lancaster, Macaulay Culkin BRAND NEW
Studio :Mill Creek Entertainment
Edition : BOX SET
Release Date :20030916
Run time : MINTS
Director :Daniel Petrie, Daniel Petrie, Sr.


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