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The Best of Jack Benny (DVD, 2011, 4-Disc Set)

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Funnyman Jack Benny’s eponymous series originally debuted in late October 1950 on CBS. The format was neither a sitcom nor a variety show <I>per se</I>, but instead a series of well-honed Benny routines (about his stinginess, his basement vault of money, his ineptitude on the violin and other trademarks) done as sketch comedy and paired with humorous monologues and laid-back vaudeville shtick by the comedian. Supporting Benny were regulars including Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, Don Wilson Mel Blanc, Dennis Day and others. However one categorizes it, the show was enormously popular, running for an astonishing 14 years on CBS. It then jumped ship, moved to NBC and ran for an additional season on that network, from September 1964 through September 1965. This box set contains a sprawling compilation of some of the most popular material from that program.

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Format: DVD
Genre: Comedy
Movie/TV Title: Best of Jack Benny
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 2011/08/23






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