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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Own the Fast & Furious Collection on DVD


Are you a fan of fast cars, furious action, and family values? If so, you might want to get your hands on the Fast & Furious Collection on DVD. This collection includes all 10 movies in the blockbuster franchise that have been thrilling audiences for over two decades. Whether you are new to the series or a longtime follower, you will find plenty of reasons to love this collection. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should own the Fast & Furious series.

1. Watch In Any Order You Want –

Some of the Fast & Furious movies are set before or after others, so they are not all in chronological order. For example, the third movie, Tokyo Drift, takes place after the sixth movie, Fast & Furious 6. By owning these Top Action and Adventure Movies DVDS, you can choose to watch the movies in the order they were released, or in the order of the story, or even mix and match according to your preference.

2. Bonus Content for Extra Fun  –

There is a ton of additional content included with the DVD version of the Fast & Furious Collection that is not available online or on streaming platforms. You can watch deleted scenes, extended versions, director’s commentary, interviews, documentaries, and more. You can also learn how the filmmakers pulled off some of the most amazing stunts and effects in the history of cinema.

3. Relive the Past and See How Things Change –

Many famous quotes and memorable scenes from the Fast & Furious films have made their way into popular culture. Who can forget Dom’s speech about family, Brian’s “I owe you a ten-second car” line, Hobbs’ “I’m what you call a nice cold can of whoop-ass” remark, or Roman’s “We hungry” declaration? By owning the Fast & Furious Collection on DVD, you can watch these moments over and over again and even quote along with the characters.

4. See Characters Grow into a Family –

The Fast & Furious movies have come a long way since the first one in 2001, which was a relatively simple story about street racing and undercover cops. Over the years, the franchise has expanded its scope and scale, incorporating elements of the heist, espionage, sci-fi, and even superhero genres. The characters have also grown and changed, forming new alliances, facing new enemies, and discovering new secrets. By getting the Fast & Furious Collection on DVD, you can witness the transformation of the franchise and the characters from the beginning to the end.

5. Support The Film’s Cast And Crew –

Hundreds of people—from the actors and directors to the writers and producers to the stuntmen and technicians—worked incredibly hard and dedicatedly to make the Fast & Furious films. By getting the collection on DVD, you can show your appreciation and support for the people who brought these movies to life and who continue to do so with every new installment.

6. To Honor Paul Walker’s Legacy –

Paul Walker was one of the main stars of the Fast & Furious franchise, playing the role of Brian O’Conner, a former cop turned outlaw turned hero. He appeared in seven of the movies and was working on the eighth one when he tragically died in a car accident in 2013. The filmmakers and the fans paid tribute to him in the movie Furious 7, which featured a touching farewell scene and song. By owning the collection on DVD, you can honor the memory and legacy of Paul Walker, who was not only a great actor but also a great person.

7. Get Yourself Ready for the Next Series –

There are still more Fast & Furious films in the works, so the franchise is not finished yet. The tenth movie, F10, is scheduled to be released in 2023 and will be the final chapter of the main saga. There are also spin-offs and prequels in the works, such as Hobbs & Shaw 2, a female-led movie, and a movie about the origins of Dom and Mia. By owning the collection of Top Action and Adventure Movies DVDs, you can refresh your memory and get ready for the next adventures of the Fast family.

8. No More Interruptions, Just Fun –

Forget about annoying pauses and lags. With the Fast & Furious franchise collection, you can watch the action smoothly without any disruptions with your friends and family, and bond over your love for the Fast & Furious franchise. Every tire squeal and engine roar will be precisely timed to make sure you do not miss a single exciting second.


The Fast & Furious Collection on DVD is a must-have for any action lover. You will get to see all nine movies in the epic franchise, which feature fast cars, explosive action, and unforgettable characters. You will also see the amazing evolution of the story, from the original 2001 film to the latest 2021 release. Whether you are a fan of Dom, Brian, Hobbs, Shaw, or any other character, you will find something to love in this collection.

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