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21 Jump Street – Complete Second Season (DVD, 2010, 4-Disc Set) Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp headlined a cast of talented young actors on 21 JUMP STREET, the first major hit show for the Fox network. Created by Stephen J. Cannell (THE A-TEAM, HUNTER, SILK STALKINGS), the show was envisioned as an update on the premise of THE MOD SQUAD. A group of youthful police officers join a special undercover unit that has them pose as high school and college students in order to stop young criminals before their behavior grows worse. The show sparked some controversy during its early years because it did not shy away from presenting serious and sometimes unsavory material, but never in an exploitative manner. THE SECOND SEASON collection contains all 22 episodes, which feature guest stars such as Pauly Shore, Shannon Tweed, and Brad Pitt, all before they were famous.

Edition: Mill Creek Ent
Format: DVD
Genre: Drama
Movie/TV Title :21 Jump Street – The Complete Second Season
Number of Discs: 4
Leading Role: Peter Deluise, Johnny Depp
Release Date: 2010/05/18


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