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Auction Kings: Season One (DVD, 2013) Discovery Channel


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The first season of AUCTION KINGS introduces the auction block of Gallery 63, where sellers come bearing what they hope are rare and valuable pieces of memorabilia. While some of them certainly fall into that category, others do not, and it’s up to Paul Brown and his team to tell the difference.

t the intersection of dreams gone by and dreams yet to be, you’ll find the auction block of Gallery 63. Hopeful sellers flock to the shop with rare relics and surprisingly valuable mementos usually in attempts to finance the next dream on their lists. When presented with priceless treasures such as Elvis’s Cadillac or Edison’s letters, Paul and the Gallery 63 crew must consult a variety of experts to reveal the true value. But whatever the treasure space oddities or war memorabilia or a whole lot of bling these ten episodes prove that every day holds a surprise when you’re an Auction King. Follow Atlanta auction house owner Paul Brown and crew as they hunt for and auction America’s most unusual rarities. Will the seller get a deal or the buyer get a steal?

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Studio: Discovery Channel
Subtitle Language: English
Format: DVD
Genre: TV Shows
Movie/TV Title: Auction Kings: Season One
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2013/08/06


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