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Dragon Fire (DVD, 2002) Dominic Labanca Los Angeles 2050 A.D

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In the year 2050, crime is such a normal occurrence that it has gotten chaotic in Los Angeles. Within these mean streets a fighter seeks vengeance for his brother’s death. In order to catch the killer, he has to become a part of the kickboxing underworld.Los Angeles 2050 A.D. Crime. Drugs. Violence. Rape. The City of Angels has descended into chaos. Street fighter Dominic La Banca seeks to avenge his brother’s death in this lawless city. To find the killer, he must enter the deadly underworld of the Alley Fights a savage kickboxing match of the future!

Studio: New Horizons
Release Year: 2002
Actor: Dominic La Banca, Pamela Runo, Randy Ideishi
Format: DVD
Rating: R
Director: Rick Jacobson
Genre: Action & Adventure
Movie/TV Title: Dragon Fire



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