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Garrison Keillor – The Man On The Radio With Red Shoes (DVD, 2009)

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Regarded by many as America’s foremost humorist and likened by others to a late-20th-century reincarnation of Mark Twain and Will Rogers, Minnesota-based Garrison Keillor commenced his popular public-radio series A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION in 1974. In each weekly three-hour broadcast, Keillor utilizes folk music, often-parodistic playlets, satirical product endorsements, and gentle short-stories to both send up old-time radio programs and conjure up an enchanting view of Americana. Created as an episode of PBS’s popular AMERICAN MASTERS documentary series, Peter Rosen’s GARRISON KEILLOR: THE MAN ON THE RADIO WITH THE RED SHOES looks beyond the mythos of A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION to profile Keillor biographically and examine his unusual litany of contributions to American pop culture.

Format :DVD
Rating: NR
Director: Peter Rosen
Sub-Genre :Biography
Genre: Education/General Interest, Educational
Movie/TV Title :Garrison Keillor – The Man On The Radio With Red Shoes


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