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Horseland: The Complete Series (DVD, 2010, 4-Disc Set)

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Horseland is the biggest, best stable in the world where horses and horse lovers alike can have the adventures of their lives! Fans of the popular web-based game can join four girls and their equine friends in this fun, addictive program.

It’s a galloping good time as four friends and their amazing horses ride together through the ups and downs of being a kid at an incredible place known as Horseland. As these friends strive to become the best competitive riders they can possibly be, the kids and their equine companions confront an array of difficult situations that put their honesty, integrity, self-confidence and sometimes friendship to the test!

What makes Horseland such a special place is that the horses and stable animals talk…at least, to each other. The animals’ rich, exciting lives complement and illuminate the experiences of our human cast – and help make ‘tween life a little less – um – confusing.

Featuring all 39 half-hour programs PLUS 5 bonus programs including: Mona the Vampire Postcards From Buster Busytown Mysteries The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Dance Revolution

Item specifics

Format: DVD
Genre: TV Shows
Movie/TV Title: Horseland-Complete Series (Dvd/4 Disc/39 Episodes)
Studio: Mill Creek
Number of Discs: 4


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