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Hulk Hogan 3 Movie Collection (No Holds Barred / Mr Nanny / Suburban Commando) –

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Hulk Hogan Triple Pack includes: No Holds Barred (1989) – The cult classic featuring Hulk Hogan in his first starring role as Rip, a larger-than-life wrestling champ who’s been flooring some of the biggest bad guys ever to rock ’em and sock ’em in the ring. But when Rip’s unstoppable success catches the eye of unscrupulous television executive Tom Brell (Kurt Fuller, “Wayne’s World”), he finds himself at the center of a plan to boost the network’s sinking ratings by pitting him against a vicious monster named Zeus (Tommy “Tiny” Lister, “Friday”). Joan Severance (“See No Evil, Hear No Evil”) co-stars in this exciting action drama that shows that anything goes when there are NO HOLDS BARRED. Mr. Nanny (1993) – Larger-than-life WWF Star Hulk Hogan is a bumbling bodyguard-turned-babysitter in this uproarious, laugh-packed action comedy for the entire family! Thinking his manager (Sherman Hemsley) has found him a bodyguard job, former pro wrestler Sean Armstrong (Hogan) is horrified to learn he’s been hired to watch over two nanny-hating kids. But even more dangerous than the kids’ “Home Along”-style booby traps is a top-secret Peacekeeper ray-gun invented by the kids’ genius father (Austin Pendleton). It’s sheer household hilarity as the children and their behemoth babysitter team up to thwart the villain, save the world and learn some heartwarming lessons about friendship in… MR. NANNY. Suburban Commando (1991) – Hulkamania sweeps the universe! Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan leads Christopher LLoyd and Shelley Duvall on a hilarious and high-spirited action comedy adventure! The Hulkster is Shep Ramsey, a valiant galactic warrior temporarily stranded on Earth, living with a mild-mannered architect and his wife (Lloyd and Duvall) and two children. Shep’s efforts to adapt to suburban life are hilariously unsuccessful, and relations with the neighbors soon reach crisis proportion. But when his evil nemesis from across the universe tracks him to his backyard bungalow, Shep needs all the help from earthlings he can get – even from his bumbling landlord!

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Studio:La Entertainment
Release Year:2022
Movie/TV Title:Hulk Hogan 3 Movie Collection (No Holds Barred / Mr Nanny / Subu


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