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Island of Terror [New DVD]

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Just off the eastern coast of Ireland and home to quiet farms and busy fisherman, Petrie’s Island is about as idyllic a place place to live as anyone could dream. The lone constable rarely has any crime to contend with, and the island’s doctor happily enjoys an equally relaxing practice. But when the corpse of a local farmer is found in a cave, his body completely devoid of bones, peace is shattered on the island. Experts are flown in to assess what kind of disease or attack could leave a man’s body intact while destroying only his skeleton. It is soon clear that they’re not dealing with any natural threat, and their only way of escape just took off for the mainland… 1966, COLOR, 87 minutes

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Actor:Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray, Eddie Byrne, S
Release Year:2019
Director:Terence Fisher
Movie/TV Title:Island of Terror
Studio:Reel Vault


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