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Kamen Rider Ryuki: The Complete Series [New Blu-ray] Boxed Set


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Those who don’t fight won’t survive! “Mirror World” exists symmetrically beyond an invisible mirror in space, and an exact copy of our human world, where only monsters can dwell. Evil monsters frequently cross the mirror and attack our world. Only Kamen Riders who make a contract with a specific monster and obtain special power from the monster can enter “Mirror World” and fight against evil monsters with the help of “Advent Card.” Shinji Kido, a journalist, becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki. He fights a fierce battle with evil monsters. Many Kamen Riders appear one after another, and fight to satisfy their own aims. However, only one Kamen Rider can outlive others. Thus, it is their fate to keep fighting to the last man.

Format : Blu-ray
Language :ENGLISH
Rating :NR
Actor :Animated
Genre : Anime-Japanese
Sub –Genre :Animation
Movie/Tv title:Kamen Rider Ryuki: The Complete Series [New Blu-ray] Boxed Set
Studio : Shout Factory
Edition : BOX SET
Release Date: 2023
Run time : MINTS


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