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Man In The Attic (DVD, 2004) Jack Palance – Jack the Ripper type

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In this, the third adaptation of Marie Belloc Lowndes’s 1912 novel, THE LODGER (most famously filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927), Jack Palance stars as Slade, a mysterious pathologist who rents out an attic in London. As women begin turning up dead, Slade’s landlady begins to fear that he may be responsible, and she begins to keep a more watchful eye over her showgirl daughter (Constance Smith).

Man in the Attic is a sweat-stained remake of the oft-filmed Mary Belloc Lowndes suspense story The Lodger. Jack Palance plays a mild, secretive pathologist who rents an attic apartment in the heart of London. Palance falls in love with dancer Constance Smith, daughter of the landlady, but she doesn’t seem interested. Meanwhile, several unsolved murders of women have been committed on the fogbound London streets–and all of the victims are showgirls. Unlike Hitchcock’s 1926 version of The Lodger, the most likely suspect is indeed the “Jack the Ripper” character hunted by the police. The only surprise in Man in the Attic is that the London bobbies didn’t arrest Jack Palance on sight long before the movie started.

Item specifics

Actor: Jack Palance
Movie/TV Title: Man In The Attic
Format: DVD
Rating: NR
Director: Hugo Fregonese
Genre: Horror, Horror/Suspense
Number of Discs: 1
Signal Standard: Dvd
Leading Role: Constance Smith, Jack Palance
Release Date: 2004/04/27






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