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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in a high-stakes adventure about two passengers, Aurora and Jim, onboard a spaceship transporting them to a new life on another planet. The trip takes a deadly turn when their hibernation pods mysteriously wake them 90 years before they reach their destination. As they try to unravel the mystery behind the malfunction, they discover that the ship itself is in grave danger. With the lives of 5,000 sleeping passengers at stake, only Jim and Aurora can save them all.

Title: Passengers
Format: DVD
Condition: New
Release Date: 08/05/2017
Genre: Portable Sound & Video
Sub Genre: Portable DVD & Blu-ray Players
Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Andy Garcia, Laurence Fishburne
Director: Morten Tyldum
Audio Language: English
Runtime: 1 hour and 56 minutes
Region Code: DVD: 2 (Europe, Japan, Middle East…)
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Subtitle Language: Norwegian, Latvian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, English, Italian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Certificate: BBFC 12
Description: SYNOPSIS


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