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Road of No Return (DVD, 2010) David Carradine, Michael Madsen


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The hunters become the hunted when four hit-men compromise their mission to fight the drug flow into the U.S. by rescuing a young orphan from dangerous drug traffickers. Whitey, Blacky, Indian, and Foreigner are all members of an elite death squad. Their job: put a bullet between the eyes of anyone trying to smuggle drugs into the country. When the men who organized the mission discover that their hired killers have developed a conscience, they call in the big guns to have them wiped out once and for all. Featuring Michael Madsen and David Carradine.

Actor: David Carradine
Format: DVD
Rating: NR
Director: Parviz Saghizadeh
Genre: Horror, Horror/Suspense
Movie/TV Title: Road of No Return
Release Date: 2010/02/23


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