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Sister Rose’s Passion (DVD, 2006) Sister Rose Therling. Dominican nun


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Sister Rose Thering is a truly passionate individual who believes in doing the right thing even if it contravenes rules set down by her own religion. This documentary takes a look at Sister Rose’s work as a Dominican nun and how it affected the Vatican II Council in positive ways, especially in regard to quashing anti-Semitism.

Oren Jacoby’s powerful 2004 film Sister Rose’s Passion won the Best Documentary Short award at the Tribeca Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar, two commendations that helped bring recognition to the life’s work of Sister Rose Therling. Therling, a Dominican nun who entered the order in 1938, made it her mission to expunge anti-Semitism from Catholic teachings. She made enough of an impression on the church’s powerful hierarchy (some of it through sheer embarrassment) that her research and outspokenness had a direct impact on the historic Vatican II Council, which declared that Jews as a people could not be blamed for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Jacoby makes liberal use of some wonderful old footage and photographs showing us what Sister Rose’s life and career were like at a time when Jews were routinely demonized in Catholic texts, classrooms, and churches. He also shows us a doddering Therling still hard at it, speaking to young Jewish students as well as adult members of a council of Catholic universities. Much is said in protest of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which, Therling and others in the film claim, cherry-picks ideas from sundry gospels to present yet another customized case for the Jews being Christ’s murderers. This stirring movie reminds us that one determined person can go a long way toward righting an old wrong perpetrated by millions of others. –Tom Keogh

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Studio: Docurama
Format: DVD
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Genre: Religious
Movie/TV Title:Sister Rose’s Passion
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Release Date:2006/06/27




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