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The Jeffersons: The Complete Series (DVD) 33-Disc Set


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Firstly looking from 1975 to 1985, The Jeffersons proved the sidesplitting exploits of an upwardly-mobile family dry cleaning entrepreneur George (Sherman Hemsley), his wifey Louise (Emmy winner Isabel Sanford), and their son Lionel, as they move from the working-class section of Queens to a luxury apartment in Manhattan. George ? ? s brash, arrogant personality always seems to get him in hot water. Lucky for him, he ? ? s got the position-headed ? Weezy?, by his side and their wise-cracking maid Florence (Marla Gibbs) to keep him humble. Together, they overcome the hilarious challenges and culture clashes that their new way of life brings. Featuring an awful supporting cast (including Paul Benedict, Roxie Roker, and Franklin Cover), memorable guest appearances (Sammy Davis, Jr., Gladys Knight, Reggie Jackson, Billy Dee Williams and further) and of course, one of the catchiest theme songs in TV history, The Jeffersons The Complete Series is another must-own sitcom classic from your mates at shout! Factory.
The Jeffersons: The Complete Series (DVD) 33-Disc Set (The Dee-luxe Edition)


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Condition:Brand New
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Genre:TV Comedy
Movie/TV Title:The Jeffersons: the Complete Series (The Dee-Luxe Edition)


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