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The Streets of San Francisco: The Complete Series


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The crimes are vicious. The cases are baffling. And the scenery is bracingly authentic in the gritty drama that was shot on location in The Streets of San Francisco. With over two decades of experience, grizzled veteran cop Lt. Mike Stone (Karl Malden) knows these blocks like few others. When he’s partnered with book-smart newcomer Inspector Steve Keller (Michael Douglas), it might seem like the two lawmen have nothing in common. Yet they share a passion for making sure no perpetrator escapes the city limits. The thrills continue when Stone is joined by Keller’s capable replacement, youthful Inspector Dan Robbins (Richard Hatch). In the 120 episodes contained in this 32 disc set collecting the complete series, come for the view, and stay for the chase.

Title: The Streets of San Francisco: The Complete Series

Format: DVD

Label: Paramount

Genre: TV Crime

UPC: 032429306753


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