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Torture Garden (DVD, 2005) Jack Palance

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A special sideshow torture exhibit has the power, according to showman Dr. Diablo, to warn people of evil in their futures. As skeptical customers are shown the greed and violence they’re hiding, oneof them snaps and kills Diablo. When they run off, we see the murder to be staged as part of the show. One of the customers has hung around to see this, and wants to make a deal with Diablo, aka the Devil.Contains four tales of terror. Titles are “Terror Over Hollywood,” “Mr. Steinway,” “Enoch,” and “The Man Who Collected Poe.”

Item specifics

Actor: Jack Palance
Format: DVD
Rating: NR
Director: Freddie Francis, Ken Barnett
Genre: Horror, Horror/Suspense
Movie/TV Title: Torture Garden


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