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Unravel the Depths: Must-Have Drama DVDs for Emotional Rollercoasters


Some movies really know how to grab your emotions right from the start and keep you hooked until the end. Different things make a movie special for each person—it could be the exciting story, amazing acting, catchy music, or cool special effects.

These movies are like a wild ride of emotions, taking you up and down and making you feel a lot. They’re the kind of movies that can touch your heart and make you think. Here are a few Drama movie DVDs that are both really emotional and satisfying and our all-time favorites in our playlist.

1. 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street is a 2012 comedy movie that is based on a classic TV show from the 1980s. It stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as two undercover cops, including some special guests, like Johnny Depp, who played the original lead role in the TV show. 

In this movie, there is a duo of Schmidt and Jenko, who were very different in high school: Schmidt liked to study, and Jenko liked to play sports. They became friends and cops, but they were bad at their work. They were hired for a new job where they would go undercover as high school students. They needed to figure out who was making and selling a dangerous drug. They pretended to be brothers and returned to their old school, but things were not the same: Schmidt hung out with the cool kids, while Jenko hung out with the smart kids. They had to solve the case and also deal with their problems and their friendship.

Don’t miss this amazing movie if you are looking for one of the best Drama Movie DVDs that will make you laugh out loud and feel all the emotions. Get 21 Jump Street on DVD from DVD Chimp today!

2. 3 Stooges complete series

Three Stooges is a comedy film series that follows the adventures of Moe, Larry, and Curly, three friends who frequently get themselves into trouble due to their slapstick humor and absurd situations. They take on a variety of roles, including plumbers, doctors, soldiers, spies, and others. No matter what they do, it always leads to a lot of chaos and laughter!

The complete series DVD collection includes all the shorts and feature films that they made for Columbia Pictures from 1934 to 1959, as well as some rare treasures from the Columbia Picture Vault. You can watch the timeless jokes, gags, and stunts that have made the Stooges one of the most beloved comedy acts of all time. 

Whether you are a fan or a newcomer, you will enjoy every episode of the 3 Stooges Series. The complete series Drama Movies collection is a great way to celebrate the masters of comedy. 

3. 50 Dead Men Walking

Fifty Dead Men Walking is a 2008 English-language action crime thriller movie directed by Kari Skogland. This movie stars Jim Sturgess as McGartland, a British agent who went undercover into the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), and Ben Kingsley as Fergus, his British handler.

The film is set from 1988 until 1991, the time in which McGartland acted as an undercover agent within the IRA during the Troubles. In 1991, his cover was blown and he was kidnapped by the IRA, although he later escaped from an interrogation and execution and went into hiding.

“50 Dead Men Walking” should be at the top of your must-watch list if you are searching for suspenseful Best Drama Movies that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. So, add this DVD to your collection and be ready for an emotional journey you won’t soon forget!

4. 8 Mile

“8 Mile” is a movie released in 2002 that stars Eminem as B-Rabbit, a young rapper trying to make it big. The story takes place in the city of Detroit and shows B-Rabbit’s struggles with poverty, personal issues, and self-doubt as he chases his dreams in the world of rap music. 

Eminem’s performance feels genuine, and the supporting actors, like Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger, bring depth to the story. The movie has a great storyline and an amazing soundtrack, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves inspiring stories and catchy music.

So, if you’re looking for a movie that will entertain, inspire, and make you groove to the music, “8 Mile” is the perfect choice for you!

5. A Boyfriend for Christmas

A Boyfriend for Christmas is a 2004 American made-for-television romantic Christmas film starring Patrick Muldoon and Kelli Williams.

This movie is about a young girl who wishes for the ideal boyfriend from Santa Claus. Enter Kelli Williams, a smart and independent woman, surprised to discover Patrick Muldoon claiming to be her dream match. The story unfolds with a delightful mix of humor, romance, and a touch of Christmas magic. 

If you’re in the mood for a feel-good story on a cozy night, “A Boyfriend for Christmas” is the perfect choice. With its lovable characters, this movie is perfect to watch during the holiday season. So, get this Drama Movies Blue Ray DVD from DVD Chimp and add a special touch to your festive celebrations!


In conclusion, these Drama movie DVDs will take you through the emotional rollercoaster that is love. I hope this article gave you some ideas on what to watch next! Whether you’re watching one of them for the first time or re-watching an old favorite, you will not be disappointed!

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