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Minder: Season 2 (DVD, 2010, 4-Disc Set) George Cole, British TV Series

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This three disc release offers all 13 episodes of the second season of the witty British series MINDER, following the story of a small time swindler and used car salesman named Arthur Daley, who makes so many enemies around town that he decides to hire a bodyguard or “minder” to protect him.

One of the best-ever British TV series, Minder stars the legendary George Cole (A Christmas Carol) as smooth-talking used car salesman Arthur Daley, a man synonymous with dodgy goods and shady deals, who knows a “nice little earner” when he sees one. He hires former boxer Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman – The Sweeney) to be his ‘minder’ (bodyguard) to protect him from other small-time crooks. Consistently entertaining, the two make a living – one more than the other – on the grimy streets of London.


Filled with fast-paced action, tricky situations, delicious humour and delightful chemistry between the two leads, George Cole and Dennis Waterman are perfectly cast in this comedy-drama series. A hit with viewers from 1979 to 1994, Minder features an array of leading British actors and future stars.

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Format: DVD
Genre: TV Shows
Movie/TV Title: Minder: Season 2
Number of Discs : 4
Release Date: 2010/05/18


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